• Tina Royles Domestic Violence Expert -Yvette Cooper’s Domestic Violence comments send some media, campaigners and survivors into a frenzy!

    Yvette Cooper’s Domestic Violence comments send some media, campaigners and survivors into a frenzy!

    Since the Shadow Home Secretary’s Comments relating to the drop in referrals of domestic violence cases through to the Crown Prosecution Service the Media, Domestic violence Campaigners and Survivors have gone into a frenzy of reporting this news.

    One thing that has continued to frustrate me over the last twenty plus years of me dealing with domestic violence is the fact that politicians frequent use the issue of domestic violence as a hot potato attempting to try to score points against their opposition, and in turn what happens is these said politicians often give out inappropriate and misguided information that will then not only have a knock on effect for what resources are put in place in the aftermath, but more importantly will have an effect on the many victims who will now be deterred from reporting the incidents to police in the first place on the misguided basis that should they indeed be strong and brave enough to come forward that such steps might be in vain as their individual case might not be progressed with through to prosecution through the Criminal Justice System…….

    Failings to prosecute such cases should not be attributed to any policing cuts, because we can all look back historically to see far too many cases where domestic violence victims and their families have been let down by not only those involved in the Criminal Justice System but by many agencies, but also by Government – whichever party is in power.

    This isn’t down to cuts specifically otherwise the impact would be on all cases of any offence where a crime had been committed, but the failings should be more attributed to the lack of monitoring and accountability within each agency, and messages from the top of such agencies echoed down that domestic violence isn’t as important, as other perceived crimes still and despite paying lip service that it is a priority – when push comes to shove – not actually treating it as such. Short tern thinking will actually cost more not only financially in the long run, but will tragically cost more in human life at some point along the line.


    Tina Royles is:

    1. Director and Psychotherapist of a private therapy centre specialising in domestic violence, and also relationship difficulties
    2. Author of “When the Apple of Your Eye is Rotten at the Core”
    3. Former Police Officer of 16 years, with several years specialising as a Domestic Violence Officer
    4. Former Trustee & Director of Women’s Refuges, Chair & Coordinator of Domestic Violence Partnership Forums, Manager of Voluntary Perpetrator Programme, & CEO of Domestic Violence Organisation

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