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    I have recently read an article in The Independent, (see below) where the Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has announced plans for a womens champion to tackle domestic violence and sexual violence should the Labour Party get back into power.

    In principle, this on the surface seems like a good idea being put forward by Yvette Cooper – If the Commissioner is given more than just an advisory role and actually has some influence over how the government and also partnership agencies deal with domestic violence and sexual violence. If the idea behind the role is to be as the Children’s Commissioners role is; to raise awareness that is great and keeps the issues in the public arena. But what is needed is for someone to be in a position where they can make decisions on such an important and prevalent issue in society in order to make a real difference.

    Yvette Cooper is; whether I agree with all her ideas or not, a political figure who appears to be consistently campaigning for and on behalf of both victims and all involved with domestic violence, which is something I admire and respect.

    In an ideal world it would be great if the main four political parties had a Minister, Shadow, or representative specifically focusing on the issue of domestic violence that was given the role and responsibility of working together with their counterpart numbers in order to ensure best practice was developed, agreed on and implemented – as this is a serious issue that affects us all. It is not something to be toyed with and picked up as and when. It is an issue that needs a permanent position to ensure decisions are made and action is taken – yes a Commissioner would be a great starting point, but a figurehead and point of contact in each of the main four parties (or ideally all parties) would be perhaps more beneficial. Yes a Commissioner in the same vain as the Children’s Commissioner would be independent, but an independent view is held by the CEO’s and other members of key organisations involved with domestic violence therefore its not necessarily another independent perspective thats needed but a joined up – working together approach by the political parties on an issue that affects us all regardless of which political affiliation any of us have.

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