• will the release of Hope Springs starring Meryl Streep mean more people might seek couples counselling?

    September 7, 2012

    Domestic Violence Advice

    First off I love going to see a Meryl Streep film; as she immerses herself into each and every role/part she takes on…..so when I hear she has a new film out I wait with anticipation for the release date.

    The new film is called Hope Springs which appears to be based around a Relationship Counselling or Couples Counselling Retreat for Couples having difficulties within their relationships, or who are drifting apart and want to come back together.

    The trailer for the film indicates its a comedy so I will expect my sides to be aching; as Meryl does that so well….Im also hoping it will be a feel good factor film.

    On another note with my professional head on when a film comes out about a particular subject/issue or theme, the film has the potential to create an increased awareness of the subject and raise the numbers dramatically of those identifying with the subject seeking help from appropriate professionals and agencies.

    So will it create a surge in numbers of individuals and couples approaching counselling professionals and agencies for help to get their relationship to a healthier place……if its a great film and it promotes the counsellor or therapist in the film as good at their job, portrays the role in a professional way, and the couple in the film benefit from the work they have undertaken from the sessions then yes it will, and it might help put Counselling and Therapy back on the map as being an important and respected profession.

    A pitfall with any film might be especially with a comedy is that there is potential that the Counsellor or Therapist might not be portrayed in a beneficial way, or Couples Counselling or Relationship Counselling might be seen as a farce and mean that it might have a negative impact on those who would have previously sought the services of a counsellor or therapist being turned away thinking its not for them.

    The film is released on the 14th September and I will see it hopefully that week so fingers crossed it will be a positive message about counselling for couples or relationship counselling and those needing help with their relationships will seek help.

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