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    April 4, 2014

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    When you think of the magazine VOGUE you wouldn’t necessarily think of controversy, but thats exactly what VOGUE have sparked by covering the issue of domestic violence. The feature shows a woman who has been injured, covered in blood frightened, with a male standing at the top of the stairs and the photo insinuates that the male has assaulted the woman. In another photo a woman lies on the floor with blood coming from her head forming in a pool of blood on the floor, seemingly motionless, whilst a male sits in an armchair nearby.

    According to some national newspapers there are some domestic violence campaigners who express concern that VOGUE are glamourising domestic violence and minimising it – as the models in the photo shoot are wearing expensive clothing, and there is fake blood. Maybe there is an element of poetic licence going on with the reporting of their views, but if these comments are true, my question would be simple: ‘Seriously’?

    There were similar outcries when Women’s Aid ran their celebrity campaign a few years ago when celebrities wore make up to depict injuries – again some complained that this was trivialising and making a mock of domestic violence. What it was actually doing was raising awareness and using the status of the celebrities to open the issue up to a perhaps new audience. Again this could only be a positive thing as it would raise awareness and even if one victim got help because of it that would be a good thing.

    In relation to the VOGUE images – this is what scenes of far too many domestic violence incidents look like. Take away the fact that these are models and that the photo shoot has been staged (because of course it would have to be in order to highlight the ‘graphicness’ and ‘horror’ of it all), or what they are wearing (incidentally what they are wearing does play a play because it also shows that victims of domestic violence are also affluent – because domestic violence doesn’t fit into any stereotypical form – it crosses all boundaries and social classes), this is about raising the awareness of domestic violence which can only be a positive thing.

    Domestic violence isn’t pleasant for those involved, it is also harrowing for those professionals such as the police who attend such scenes and see images like what are depicted in these photos. 

    What VOGUE have done is try to bring this issue to a different audience – their audience.

    What has been apparent to me over the years is that most people don’t like being faced with images of what domestic violence is actually like. Some turn away and don’t want to see or hear, others are ok with minimal details but don’t want to hear any more than that. But this is reality for ‘victims’ of domestic violence. It is about time society ‘woke’ up to the horrifying extent and graphicness of it all, because then perhaps some agencies and politicians would stop trying to score points and actually all pull together to make a real difference for those involved.

    For many victims of domestic violence their situation is like living in a real ‘horror movie’

    My views don’t come from standing on the peripheral and making sweeping statements, they come from not only seeing this ‘horror movie’ far too many times from a professional perspective as a former police officer of 16 years, and one who specialised in domestic violence, but also from a personal perspective of being a victim too.

    I say WELL DONE VOGUE for raising the awareness, and for attempting to open up the audiences eyes.

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