• Victims of Domestic Violence can be anyone – even Rihanna …

    I was recently asked to comment in the Dubai magazine ‘Ahlan’ on the impending court appearance of ‘bad boy’ Chris Brown. the on / off boyfriend of singer Rihanna who has been a victim of domestic violence through their stormy relationship.

    Fans of Rihanna are counting down the days when Brown appears in a Los Angeles court on Friday 5th april 2013.

    Brown has to appear to answer charges that he allegedly falsified his community service order, which he received as a result of seriously assaulting Rihanna 4 years ago.

    It is widely speculated by the media that Brown will face a prison sentence which could be up to 5 years.

    Supporters of Rihanna are hoping that after the court hearing, she will be able to finally start to get her life and music career back on track, which has been taking its toll on her health of late.

    This distructive relationship Rihanna has with Brown is typical of many people who suffer at the hands of domestic violence. People cling on to the belief that their abusive partner will change, usually blaming themselves for what happened in the first place.

    Without the appropriate support and counselling which many victims of domestic violence need, these kinds of situations rarely stop repeating themselves, unfortunately some end with fatal consequences.

    I am pleased that the media do highlight these high profile cases as it can only increase the awareness that victims of domestic violence can be anyone and not just be physical abuse. In many instances the mental and emotional abuse that victims receive can often be more devastating and have a prolonged effect on a person’s health and well being

    This is why I strongly advocate that anyone is is a victim or knows someone who may be being mis-treated it is vital that the help is sought without delay.


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