• Using Social Media to target Domestic Violence

    I recently read an article in the BBC regarding social media to raise awareness and target domestic violence.
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    Northamptonshire police has created a series of mock dating profiles as part of a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter. These profiles aim to raise awareness of domestic violence within relationships as well as stalking.

    This initiative lead Det Chief Insp Julia Potts, includes images of mock dating profiles outlining potential suitors’ real personalities, and these are being hosted on the force’s social media accounts.

    There are videos and questions which stimulate online conversations and the site features useful links and numbers.

    This is a way of getting their message out to those being affected by domestic violence and abuse within relationships and to help those who may know someone who is in this situation.

    This is a great initiative by Julia Potts and her force, who appear to be moving with the times, and reaching out through the communication airwaves to raise the awareness of domestic violence and stalking.

    The use of videos and questions are really beneficial as it will engage users in a more interactive way, to raise awareness and tackle any myths.

    With the governments recent amendments to the definition of domestic violence in the UK to include 16 & 17 year old victims, it is at long last being recognised that this is an age bracket that has for so long been affected either directly or indirectly but sadly ignored to a large extent. So reaching out to get the message across in particular through the medium of social media to reach this group, and society in general is extremely positive.

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