• Couple married for 70 years, so what’s the key to wedded bliss?

    As a domestic violence expert providing domestic violence counselling I am often asked to comment on media stories. This week BBC Radio Stoke contacted me to provide comments on a couple celebrating a landmark 70th wedding anniversary on January 2nd.

    The couple, Edwin and Mary Daubney, believe that the secret to a happy marriage is a daily squabble to clear the air, and their advice to other married couples wanting a lasting marriage is to ‘squabble’ every day.

    However, their squabbles are never about anything more serious than small annoyances and they believe that being able to voice their feelings has helped them to be closer to each other over the years.

    People have different ideas of what constitutes an argument. I wouldn’t advocate having an argument, but this couple believe that the key to their long and happy marriage is open communication and being able to air their views in a clear and level headed way.

    When two people spend time together, niggles can creep in and need to be discussed in a positive and assertive way otherwise it will build up and come out as a more serious argument. Read the article here.

    Often we learn how we handle our emotions from our parents, peers and our social environment in general. Some people don’t learn to express emotions in a positive way.

    I believe it’s healthy to have discussions every day (not arguments) about how you are feeling but also when things do wind you up or annoy you but this is easier said than done. Some people don’t know why they feel like they do, or can’t verbalise it.

    We should all be able to talk about the small things that are upsetting or annoying before they buildup and each little thing adds on top to create more of a problem.

    This couple offer good advice in relation to talking daily but I would discourage arguments that can become aggressive.

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