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    The recent tragic story of 6 children who burnt to death in a plot that went terribly wrong has again highlighted the way domestic violence and the controlling nature of someone like Michael Philpott can ruin the lives of all those around him.

    Philpott (56), his wife Mairead (31) and a family friend Paul Mosley, have been convicted of manslaughter and incredibly light sentence seeing as they set their Derby home ablaze in an attempt to blame the fire on Philpott’s former lover, who had dared to leave him.

    This is a man with a long history of violence against younger women in fact in 1978 he was convicted of attempted murder a women who wanted to leave him, he had stabbed her a dozen times.

    In this interview I discuss this subject with presenter Nick Ferrari. Nick asked about the lenient sentence of Mairead Philpott specifically and highlights the fact that although complicit in the judge decided that Michael Philpott’s aggressive control played a part in their her involvement.

    Although lots more work is needed in order to change legislation to help and support victims of DV, the government have made significant changes broadening the definition to not only including 16 year olds, but have included coercive and controlling behaviour in that definition, as this factor was so often ignored previously and is a significant factor in domestic violence cases.

    What also needs to happen is for some elements of the media and some elements of society to obtain a heightened awareness of what emotional and psychological abuse entails in order for victims to be encouraged to come forward and leave such relationships before more cases end in tragedy.

    The question that is on the lips the general public is has justice been done or at least been seen to be done?

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