• Tina Royles – Domestic Violence Expert. Talk Radio Europe [Audio] Part 4

    Domestic Violence Expert Tina Royles is interviewed by Talk Radio Europe‘s Kenny Jones in this final part of a 4 part audio series about domestic violence. In this part Tina discusses the impact of advertising about domestic violence through the media aimed at young people.

    I’m sure you have seen the advertising campaign in the UK where they show a young man being abusive to his girlfriend. This is highlighting domestic violence against teens and within teenage relationships.

    Listen to Domestic Violence Expert Tina Royles Talk Radio Europe Part 4

    In secondary schools there are domestic violence awareness projects going on and it’s now in the curriculum. So awareness starts really early – if you talk about how to deal with emotions that starts really early on and you can’t ever be too young to get that education even though people don’t want their children knowing about it.

    The TV ads on our screens at the moment are aimed at 15 and 16 year olds. The government has changed the definition of domestic violence to include 16 and 17 year olds as there were studies highlighting that between teenagers some potential victims felt it was acceptable in a relationship.

    ‘Domestic’ assumes co habiting and it’s important to note that it’s not about that – as people used to think it was between married couples, not people co habiting or just dating but it’s wider than that and you don’t need to live with your partner to be abused, and domestic violence can continue when people separate and in fact this is when it can really increase.

    I help people look at and explore their options, I don’t tell them what to do. I would provide them with options and this is what’s made the key difference with my own understanding of domestic violence as everyone has different experiences and if you give them options and information and help support them with key resources then they can make the decision on how to move forward. From my experience when I was in the Police I was Chair of domestic violence forums and when I left the Police I became a manager of a perpetrator programme so I have a lot of experience to draw from. It’s important to provide people with lots of different options.

    If you know someone who is suffering from domestic violence or if you are a victim yourself please call me on 01244 760 113 or arrange a call back.

    All enquiries are treated with the upmost confidentiality.

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