• Tina Royles – Domestic Violence Expert. Talk Radio Europe [Audio] Part 3

    Domestic Violence Expert Tina Royles is interviewed by Kenny Jones on Talk Radio Europe about Domestic Violence in Spain.  Tina discusses many issues surrounding domestic violence in the UK and abroad. This is the 3rd part of the interview.

    Listen to Domestic Violence Expert Tina Royles Talk Radio Europe Part 3

    Domestic Violence has been a big problem in Spain for many years, and a lot of measures have been put in place, which are helping to improve the situation.

    Whether it’s domestic violence or something else – the cycle where the abused becomes the abuser can be seen in many cases. However, there are a lot of people who have had problems and don’t carry this over and act the same way.

    There are children that have witnessed domestic violence and some go on to be perpetrators and some don’t. It’s about awareness and understanding that it’s wrong and unacceptable and it’s about people making their own way in life and realising that the behaviour isn’t appropriate and don’t have to stay in that relationship and if they do find themselves in that situation there is help out there.

    For those children in homes that have experienced these issues, it can really affect people and there are long as well as short-term effects. Even though a victim might be free from violence, they can experience emotional and psychological damage that they then need help with. There is a high percentage of domestic violence victims that have post-traumatic trauma as well as depression long term.

    A lot of cases are kept under wraps, and some people don’t come forward until they have been in that situation for a long time. The key thing is to get help and intervention at whatever stage – it’s never too late to get support to move forward in a positive way. Yes there are people who have suffered from domestic violence for a long time, and some never do get help. To some extent it’s a hidden crime and we still aren’t clear about the true extent of domestic violence.

    A lot of victims take the blame themselves, and believe that they could have prevented it. People are conditioned to respond this way, if you are told enough times that you aren’t good enough then you start to believe it and it has a very negative effect.

    Others do take on board the blame aspect, as it’s the only way they can cope and rationalise it. It’s a very complex situation when emotions are involved and this type of behaviour happens.

    In Spain there is a high level of domestic violence and they are trying to crack down. They now have the order for protection for victims of domestic violence, which allows women to get a fast track restraining order whereby it only takes 72 hours. In the last ten years it’s gone from 159 refuges to 260 refuges, however the amount of people dying from domestic violence has increased, so cases are going up.

    One of the things to think about is the number of reported incidents – people are more comfortable in coming forward now as there is more awareness, domestic violence has always been there and the numbers have increased as more is being reported and people are more likely to come forward.

    The numbers have gone from 1 in a week to around 70 a year.

    Domestic violence can involve anyone, and it isn’t gender specific. Information out there is geared towards women, however it’s worth remembering that it can affect anyone.

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