• Tina Royles – Domestic Violence Expert. Talk Radio Europe Audio, Part 2

    Domestic Violence Expert Tina Royles is interviewed by Kenny Jones on Talk Radio Europe about Domestic Violence in Spain. Listen to part 1. Tina discusses many issues surrounding domestic violence in the UK and abroad.

    In once incident familiar to me, a woman kept on forgiving her partner, but the moment he raised a hand to her child that was the catalyst for getting her out of the situation. We see lots of different catalysts for people leaving and making the decision to take action.

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    This particular example will ring true for many victims, but there are also those that are aware that domestic violence is inflicted on children who cannot leave or have a choice. There are so many incidents where I hear people say that the incidents don’t affect the children as they don’t hear or see it, but children do see and hear and do pick up on things so are affected. However, that’s a way of people coping and minimizing the affects.

    One of the things with police officers is that the majority of people go into the role because they want to make a difference. But because of the amount of domestic violence calls, there are so many times where the police arrive and no one wants to make a complaint because they don’t want to escalate the difficulties they are encountering. They want the violence to stop but don’t want the relationship to end, so when a third party arrives it’s difficult to progress it and find out what had happened. Sometimes the police will arrive and as a result of the incident they will progress the case without the victim’s help, even if the victim withdraws a complaint.

    In Spain, 50% of women won’t testify against an abusive partner, however, it’s no different here because you can get some reluctant witnesses – it really depends on the other evidence available whether the case is still pursued.

    The violence can sometimes stop – if a perpetrator of domestic violence wants to change and it motivated for the right reasons then they can change. Not everyone who gets angry is violent, they can learn healthier ways to deal with that emotion. Some people do change, and can learn alternative ways of dealing with emotions.

    In the judicial system in the UK, where family courts are involved, task officers do visit homes and take report from children and assess the impact of domestic violence. When police are involved, they liaise with different agencies such as social services and the police child protection team, so through those agencies intervention measures can be taken.

    Talk Radio Europe Interview part 3

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