• Tina Royles – Domestic Violence Expert. Talk Radio Europe Audio, Part 1

    Tina Royles is interviewed by Kenny Jones on Talk Radio Europe about Domestic Violence in Spain.

    Domestic Violence has been a big problem in Spain for many years, and a lot of measures have been put in place, which are helping to improve the situation.

    Even so, too many people lose their life to a partner, and this is still predominantly women The figures are alarming, as in Spain one person loses their life every week in domestic violence incidents. So where does it all begin? Is it lack of respect, is it something people are born into and learn from their upbringing?

    Preventing this from happening is easier said than done, especially where people have children and have nowhere to go. When it comes to children, your first thought is the child rather than yourself.

    So how did I get into the field of domestic violence and become a domestic violence expert? I was a police officer for 16 years, yet from the age of 7 knew I wanted to be a police officer and had strong convictions that I wanted to make a difference, and so it was a strong drive from very early on. When I was in the police force I was on the domestic violence response team so dealt with a variety of incidents, and in fact most calls were to domestic violence incidents, so really I got into it by default. Because of the way the police dealt with it at the time I wanted to make a difference and did a lot of research on why people weren’t being arrested for domestic violence crimes when they should have, and in Essex where I was based they decided to get a dedicated domestic violence officer in place due to the shortfalls I had identified.

    On both a national and international basis, the majority of police calls are of a domestic violence in nature.

    I was in an abusive relationship myself for 9 years, which was just before I went into the domestic violence unit. I wasn’t that keen on going into that area as I was suffering within a violent relationship myself. However, it gave me some insight into how it felt to be a victim, although that’s not to say that anyone who hasn’t gone through it can’t empathise, but it made me see how hard it is to come to terms with and deal with it – and it helped me see how difficult it can be to seek help and leave.

    I feel it gave me experience and insight – and I realise that everyone’s experience is different.

    Nothing can prepare you for a relationship where you fall in love, care about your partner and trust them, yet it deteriorates. Being in an abusive relationship gave me an understanding of how to deal with it and get out, and understanding that only when is someone ready themselves they will make steps but if they aren’t ready then it doesn’t matter who says what, they won’t be able to do so.

    When people do leave they may have found professional support, emotional support, or they could have children and they don’t want the impact to be long lasting and could be a catalyst. Or it could be because of an incident that is the last straw.

    Listen to Part 2 of Tina Royles’ (domestic violence expert) interview with Kenny Jones. Contact Tina Royles for more information or help on domestic violence.

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