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    In view of the Home Secretary Theresa May’s comments today around speaking to Parliament about how police in England and wales could improve the way they deal with domestic violence – Tina Royles Domestic Violence Expert was asked by the BBC to share her views on what should be done about domestic violence.

    Viewpoints – What should be done about
    domestic violence? 

    “Monitoring and accountability is the key, not just for the police but
    for all agencies involved”

    “The first incident of domestic violence is often difficult to stop, however repeat incidents of domestic violence is where all agencies need to improve.

    Most agencies have training already in place so that isn’t the answer, and national standards will only be useful if they are mandatory, and monitoring and accountability takes place.

    While agencies have discretion on how to act and deal [with domestic abuse], there will always be issues and failures. The police cannot work in isolation to combat domestic violence and we must look at the [risk assessment models in place] to ascertain whether they are assisting victims and putting appropriate safety measures in place.

    Monitoring and accountability is the key, not just for the police but for all agencies involved.

    Police and the majority of agencies often deal with the immediate issues of domestic violence – predominantly safety and any legal address – and therefore perhaps don’t always take into account the levels of trauma and impact that domestic violence has on a victim, and find the rationale of many victims difficult to comprehend.

    Why? Because domestic violence is complex and the emotional and psychological impact is immense from the incidents, memories, triggers and associations.

    To begin to understand, explore, reflect and work through this impact – for a victim and all directly involved – takes time in order to heal and recover and for them to comprehend what has happened.

    So you have police and other agencies wanting immediate answers and decisions from a victim and they are often not, at the time, in a position to give them”

    Tina Royles

    Tina Royles

    • Former police officer of 16 years, with a number of years spent within domestic violence unit
    • Now director and psychotherapist of a private therapy centre specialising in domestic violence
    • Author of When the Apple of Your Eye is Rotten at the Core

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