• Taxi Boss Attempting to Link Strict Council Rules to Rise in Domestic Violence by drivers on their partners! – By Tina Royles Domestic Violence Expert & Psychotherapist

    “Seriously! I thought I’d misread the headline of the article in the Manchester Evening News:


    How sad that the boss of this taxi company; Charles Oakes feels the need to link such a
    serious issue which on a worldwide scale destroys the lives of many and actually takes
    many live, in order to highlight his grievance with Bury Council around the rules they
    have put in place about making the taxi’s safe to ferry passengers around in.

    According to the taxi boss – the pressure of having to comply with such strict rules, puts
    strain particularly financial strain on the drivers who are then at a higher risk of committing
    acts of domestic violence with their partners.

    In these economic times, as with other economic tough times over the course of history many
    of us will or have struggled financially – does that mean that we will become abusive
    or violent to our loved ones – of course not. Financial pressure, as with stress, alcohol, drugs
    etc are aggravating factors but they do not cause the abuse or violence. Domestic Violence
    and everything which fits under that umbrella word for many different offences is about
    ultimately one persons abusive of power and control over another.

    For many perpetrators ofDomestic Violence it is their often entrenched and misguided
    belief that they are ‘entitled’ to have power and control over another, particularly
    ‘their loved one’ because often that is the message they have held onto throughout their life. 

    There is NO EXCUSE for Domestic Violence

    But here’s the thing – everyone has a choice whether or not they are abusive or violent.
    If someone is abusive or violent they have the choice to seek to get the appropriate help
    and support.

    As long as a perpetrator take responsibility, recognise the behaviour to be theirs and theirs
    alone – so in other words they ‘own’ their behaviour, they want to change their behaviour
    for the’right’ reasons and are motivated to do so – then change can and does happen.

    There are NO EXCUSES for Domestic Violence – so rather than laying blame at another’s
    door; ( in this case namely the council) instead of where responsibility clearly lies: with the
    perpetrator of any such violence or abuse – perhaps Mr Oakes might explore what therapeutic
    support he can link into within the Bury area (I’m sure there are plenty of counselling
    services which are available for free or at a low cost in Bury) and put something in place
    for his employees under the duty of care aspect of being an employer, in order to make a 
    difference for any potential partners that might suffer”

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