• Specialist ‘Prosecutor’ for Domestic Violence appointed in Scotland. Domestic Violence Expert Tina Royles


    The appointment of Anne Marie Hicks as a specialist prosecutor for Scotland to oversee cases of Domestic Violence, I think is a positive step forward in trying tackling some of the inconsistencies and difficulties often faced in such prosecutions. With someone taking ownership, having a responsibility for, and also, who actually has the ability and power to make decisions will have a big impact and play a vital and pivotal part in making a difference.

    Where someone has ownership rather than a monopoly this is a good thing.

    In England, Labour’s Yvette Cooper is advocating for the role of ‘Commissioners’ specifically for Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence and while this sounds like a positive step forward – unlike Hicks role there does not appear at present to be the provision for this proposed ‘Commissioner’ to have the ability and power to make key/final decisions – but it is the need for a person or organisation to have the ability and power to make key decisions that is always paramount when dealing with Domestic Violence, together with monitoring and accountability, because very often guidance isn’t enough because where there is discretion, grey areas creep in and people and organisations can often fail to act.

    To see the related article click regarding the appointment of the specialist prosecutor for scotland click on the link below:


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