• Some Domestic Violence Cases Being Failed Through Lack Of Accountability

    I recently saw an article in The Guardian regarding the family of Maria Stubbings calling for a public inquiry to examine why victims of domestic violence and abuse are still not getting sufficient protection from the authorities namely the police and other government agencies.

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    Stubbings was strangled to death and her body callously dumped in the downstairs toilet of her home in 2008 by her former boyfriend Marc Chivers. The police knew he had killed before, and that he had served time in prison for assaulting Stubbings.

    As a former Essex Police Officer of sixteen years, and in particular one who specialised in domestic violence for several years, I fully support the plea from the family of Maria Stubbings for the Home Secretary Theresa May to call for a public inquiry to examine why victims of domestic violence are still not getting sufficient protection from the police and other government agencies.

    It is disheartening to see domestic violence incidents still not being dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner, and for officers to not follow guidelines, policies and procedures.

    It is not just these officers’ actions sadly, but it is the apparent lack of accountability by management, and the ethos as a whole that needs changing for domestic violence victims and their families to get the appropriate and necessary help, support and protection they should and need to receive.

    Clearly as it has been stated in the article, Essex Police has made changes in the last five years, however there is no doubt in my mind that this will NOT be the last domestic violence incident to have a similar outcome and end in a fatality.

    Cases like this are not just isolated to Essex Police but are applicable to all Police Forces, and cases in the media have shown this, where failures happen when officers have more discretion and autonomy, as opposed to being held accountable for their actions or lack of action.

    Other cases where the IPCC have raised significant failings include:

    Essex Police – IPCC Find Failures Re Domestic Violence

    Essex Police And Domestic Violence – IPCC Find Yet Another Failing 

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