• Soccer star Hope Solo victim of domestic violence

    Victim of domestic violence

    hope-soloI recently read an article in the Daily Mail regarding Olympic Soccer star Hope Solo and her fiancé who has been accused of assaulting her. Seeing a celebrity as a victim of abuse can highlight the issues surrounding domestic violence in short term relationships.

    Hope Solo’s fiancé Jerramy Stevens was arrested for assault, and was taken into custody the same evening of the offence. Hope Solo was subsequently uncooperative and an unwilling witness to the incident, even though she suffered from injuries following the attack.
    They have only been in a relationship for two months, and were set to marry on the day they appeared in court.

    This case highlights for me some of the classic warning signs associated with a victim of domestic violence. Yes there is the incident itself, but its also the short length of the relationship, and the speed of intensity to get engaged, then intending to get married all within the space of two month. This linked together with the previous history of violence the perpetrator has against others means that for me, the writing is on the wall. Sadly this is perhaps a sign of things to come within the relationship.

    My aim is to provide the materials and tools to help people manage relationship difficulties and domestic violence through awareness and education in order to enhance overall health and wellbeing. Contact me, Tina Royles, for more information.


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