• Simon Hayes Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire Police vows to tackle Domestic Violence from a joined up yet focused approach. By Domestic Violence Expert Tina Royles

    The Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire Police vows to tackle domestic violence.

    How refreshing it is to see someone in authority and who is in a position to actually make decisions promising to not only focus on domestic violence but who appears to have a sense of awareness and understanding as to the nature and complexities of it.

    Where domestic violence is concerned it is pivotal to build relationships, trust and respect not only from the public, but from partner agencies and from within the criminal justice service’s as well. 

    Partnership working in my opinion is always a good place to start, as here is where a great deal of experience and knowledge lies, and sadly not all statutory agencies build a solid foundation where other agencies are involved, yet these relationships function, but they should be encouraged to flourish and work together in order to enhance services and resources and not work from hidden agenda’s.

    There are many key agencies involved in combatting domestic violence, and Mr Hayes in quite right to highlight the work refuges do, and whether in his role he can look to see if there are ways to assist and enhance such service’s. Due to the nature and scale of domestic violence refuge spaces are often taken up as soon as they are available, so yes apart from looking to build more refuge accommodation to assist ‘all’ victims of domestic violence and any children other more creative ways might need to be thought through, such as working with registered social landlords to provide units of accommodation which may tie in with outreach or floating support services. Or is it now the time dare I say it to look to private companies to provide the accommodation and facilities and employ staff experienced, knowledgable and qualified to support those who are in need of such accommodation, or for the government to secure permanent accommodation.  

    Creative is good. Creative and Permanent is even better….

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