• Police preventing domestic violence and hate crime through raids

    Preventing domestic violence

    Police in London have undertaken dawn raids as part of ‘Operation Athena’ in preventing domestic violence and hate crime. The raids have resulted in the arrests of 264 people.

    This is something that Police Forces across the UK seem to focus on around this time of year to coincide with the International Day Against Violence Against Women.

    I welcome any positive action that deals or attempts to tackle domestic violence, and address the impact it causes.

    Sadly the article doesn’t highlight anything new in relation to the fact that ‘women experience 35 incidents of domestic violence before reporting an incident to the police’ this statistic has been around for at least the last ten years.

    My own personal opinion is that we will never stop the first incident of domestic violence from occuring, however where we can all improve as individuals, statutory, voluntary, charitable, or private organisations is to review the way we deal with repeat incidents of domestic violence, as this is vital in the way forward in addressing domestic violence, and as the article highlights ’75% of domestic violence incidents are repeat incidents’ in my experience as a former police domestic violence officer and chair of domestic violence forum this isn’t a figure or statistic that I would disagree with.

    What this article does highlight however is the cuts to services around domestic violence; such as towards refuges; as a former trustee of one women’s aid refuge and a director of another I cannot stress highly enough of the important and vital role women’s refuges play in the rehabilitation of those suffering from the impacts of domestic violence including children suffering from the impacts.

    [heading style="1"]Therefore any cuts to these services can only be detrimental[/heading]

    In my own humble opinion based on my experience dealing with domestic violence as both a professional and also a victim is that the Government should put in place a statutory body in place that has overall responsibility in dealing with domestic violence and which is yet monitored and regulated by an independent commission or board.

    Tina Royles is committed to preventing domestic violence through awareness, training and counselling both professionals and victims. Contact Tina Royles for more information.

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