• Police Pilot Scheme regarding Domestic Violence History – Clare’s Law

    November 26, 2012

    Domestic Violence

    Should the domestic violence history become available through Claire’s Law? WATCH THIS VIDEO  | As with Sarah’s Law which came into place to disclosure past history of sex offenders.
    Clare’s Law may provide the opportunity for some potential victims of domestic violence to check out whether their partner has any previous domestic violence history, and when armed with this information there may be the expectation that the victim has a choice in whether to say in a relationship with that partner.

    Clare’s Law won’t be a free for all, the police will still need to establish whether it is appropriate to share this information, and will need to put mechanisms in place to ensure the correct procedures are followed in line with any data protection or human rights legislation.

    Clare’s Law: Police Pilot Scheme regarding Domestic Violence History

    I know Karen Harrison from the Women’s Domestic Abuse Helpline and agree that if this law helps save one life then it is a good thing, but that also we need to ensure it doesn’t provide victims or potential victims with a false sense of security and put them at risk.

    We also need to ensure that awareness is raised sufficiently around how victims can approach the police without potential comeback from the perpetrator, so transparency will be key, in order that victims or potential victims will seek out information to place them in a more informed position, otherwise those victims who may be at risk will still not come forward and share their concerns.

    If this scheme is to work effectively, training needs to be provided to all police personnel as well as sufficient and appropriate resources put in place in order to deal with expected enquiries otherwise holes may develop in the service provided, and incorrect information may be given which may have serious impacts or result in a fatality.

    For more information on dealing with domestic violence and helping victims of domestic violence, contact me, Tina Royles, on 01244 760 113.

    I aim to provide people who have experienced domestic violence, or those who want to help a domestic violence victim, with the materials and tools to manage relationship difficulties and domestic violence through awareness and education in order to enhance overall health and wellbeing.

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