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    Fantastic news that Colchester in Essex are introducing a Pet Fostering Scheme aimed at helping victims of domestic violence leave their abusive relationships by helping to temporarily re-homed their beloved pets. What this scheme will do is provide a pivotal lifeline for victims of domestic violence – for so long victims of domestic violence have been in the position where they have had to choose whether to leave their abusive partner and leave their pet/s behind because of a lack of resources to accommodate such animals, and have had the knowledge that their partner might threaten to or actually carry out their threats to harm the pet/s if the victim leaves, or stays away.  The victim is often forced emotionally into a decision to stay with the abuser because they don’t want to leave their pet/s alone with their partner. 

    The emotional connection between the victim (and any children) and their pet/s is strong enough to bring about this dilemma which often some individuals cannot comprehend. 

    There have been many occasions as a former police officer specialising in domestic violence where the issue of pet/s have brought about real upset and trauma, and where possible we explored every possibility to accommodate such pet/s as to enable the victim to leave. 

    There have been orgaisations such as Paws for Kids which have been established for many years with the focus on pets of domestic violence victims; but sadly such organisations are very few and far between – so victims stay with their abusive partners.

    So for such a scheme to be introduced in Essex albeit only in Colchester this is fantastic news and will definitely make a difference for those victims that are fortunate to take up this much needed service.

    Police & Crime Commissioners take note – if you want to help enable domestic violence victims and their children to leave an abusive relationship – this is definitely a service that is needed in every locality – because the lack of it whether you understand the decision or not really does keep a victim and any children in a dangerous environment.

    Well done Essex.

    For more information on the Scheme see the following article: 



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