• Paul Gascoigne charged again for domestic violence against his ex-wife

    A few weeks ago Paul Gascoigne has been arrested and charged with assault against his ex-wife at a railway station. Read the article here: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/paul-gascoigne-arrested-over-drunken-2030796

    Despite having spent time in rehab on numerous occassions and attempting to turn over a new leaf, Paul Gascoigne is back to using violence and aggression against others including once again his ex wife.

    It was believed widely throughout the press that Paul Gascoigne had beaten his addictions and was on the road to recovery after many years of substance abuse.

    Gascoigne has a history of domestic violence against his ex wife Sheryl during their volatile relationship, which ended in divorce.

    Many perpetrators of domestic violence make excuses and blame alcohol for their violence and aggression, but alcohol and drugs are just aggravating factors it is certainly not the reason for, or the root cause of the behaviour.

    If Gascoigne and others like him want to change then not only will he need to address the alcohol via a specialist programme to address these issues, but also a domestic violence perpetrator programme to work on this also.

    Both voluntary and mandatory domestic violence perpetrator programmes have shown that perpetrators do change when the appropriate interventions are made.

    However the only way a perpetrator of domestic violence can change their behaviour is if they themselves want to change, and they own their behaviour instead of laying the blame elsewhere.

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