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    November 15, 2011

    Domestic Violence

    I picked up a magazine this morning which was packed full of old fashioned gifts from times gone by…..and it reminded me of childhood and the excitement that I had in the run up to Christmas, but also of the simplicity of the gifts at that time, or certainly the simplicity of my expectations….I was so very happy when I received a wooden tennis racket that I had asked Santa for, and I loved the Satsuma’s in my stocking. It was a time for closeness with family; so often we take this time for granted, without taking a step back to appreciate those special moments.

    But for some Christmas wasn’t such a special time; especially the families where the household was filled with domestic violence; where the tension builds, until there is an explosion of arguments, frustration, anger and violence. The occasion was dreaded by all, the thought of spending an intense period of time together was a cause for concern, a constant state of being on alert, watching for the signs and signals. Presents would get trashed, the Christmas meal would be thrown about, and add anyone of the following aggravating factors into the mix such as alcohol, stress over finances, family and in laws and it would merge into yet another occasion (like most other days) where domestic violence featured in their lives.

    Now don’t get me wrong in anyway, by thinking incidents of domestic violence have decreased over the years, because they haven’t, in fact the number should have gone up, not because there is more domestic violence out there, but because more people who suffer from domestic violence report it because of heightened awareness, through more organisations offering services around it.

    For someone experiencing domestic violence it can be quite a lonely and isolating place to be in such a relationship or family, and it is still very difficult to admit not only to others but to themselves that they are experiencing it.

    But if you do know someone who is suffering from domestic violence, then you can do something to help such as support them, arm them with information about the services available around that target domestic violence, so that they are in a more informed position.

    (Check out www.tinaroyles.com for a FREE 21 Page Information Pack on DV Services)

    If you or someone you know have experienced domestic violence in the past but are still suffering from the effects and impact of it, and you/they are finding it difficult to form new relationships, experiencing flashbacks or memories through triggers, find you/themselves getting frustrated or angry, or even finding it difficult within a working environment i.e when experiencing conflict/bullies…..then why not consider taking that first step, talking to someone who has extensive knowledge and experience in both a professional and personal capacity, who will not judge, and will explore with you/them the obstacles that are blocking you/them from letting go of past hurtful memories, and empowering/enabling you/them to move forwards in your/their life.

    Why not contact Selyor Therapy Centre today regarding tailored services around domestic violence, anger management, stress management, and relationships and start that journey…..
    Contact Details:
    Telephone 01244 760113 or 01829 660113
    Email selyortherapycentre@gmail.com
    Website www.selyortherapycentre.com

    Even if you/they don’t live in Cheshire or the United Kingdom, sessions can be conducted by Skype or other forms of communication.
    Remember you can also check out www.tinaroyles.com for a FREE 21 Page Information Pack on DV Services. On this website you will find information around my extensive experience around domestic violence and why I feel I am in a position to explore with you/them the obstacles and look towards assisting them in finding ways to let go and move forward.
    I wish you/them well in the journey….


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