• My Private Therapy Practice launches a 12 week domestic violence `recovery programme`

    April 2, 2012

    Domestic Violence Advice

    The 12 Week programme `the Recovery Toolkit` is for individuals who have left the domestic violence or controlling/difficult situation and are no longer in contact or in a relationship with their violent or abusive partner, that are finding it difficult to move on with their lives, or find themselves in a `stuck` position with their emotions.

    When individuals leave a domestic violence or controlling/difficult relationship, often the support that they have whether from family, colleagues, friends or agencies/organisations tends to get less and less, but individuals still feel that they are re living the range of emotions such as anxiety, loss, hurt, anger, sadness, grief etc and cannot move forward….they then get frustrated with themselves when their coping strategies which have helped them in the past are no longer sufficient.

    Throughout the programme the individuals own strengths, resources and coping skills are reinforced contributing to their own health and wellness on a long term basis; in turn increasing their self esteem and assertiveness beliefs. The programme is a psycho educational model developed by Sue Penna Associates; believing that by giving individuals knowledge they are in a betterposition to understand and deal with their previous experiences.

    The groups are not mixed gender, and there is a separate group for women and men.

    This programme is NOT for perpetrators of domestic violence/abuse or a controlling/difficult relationship and as such each individual is required to attend an assessment session to establish suitability for the programme.

    Participants have the option if they wish after completing the programme to gain the accredited Level 1 certificate in `Developing personal confidence and self awareness` through the National Open College Network. (This is an additional cost to the individual).

    * There is a cost to the individual of £10 per week for the programme.
    Due to the nature of domestic violence for some there may be financial difficulties and therefore the cost of the programme will  be discussed on an individual basis, however it is expected that a monetary donation of some de-nomination will be contributed for each session.

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