• My Experience

    Tina Royles – Domestic Violence Expert

    The insights that I have gained from my experience and knowledge I believe put me in a unique position to be able to share those with you in a variety of formats and through a range of materials.

    I have gained the experience and knowledge through a variety of methods over the past twenty years, here is just a sample of the experience gained:

    I was a police officer for sixteen years and gained experience and knowledge through dealing with domestic violence, relationship difficulties and traumatic situations, with a number of years specifically spent within a domestic violence unit. I have also been a trustee for two women’s aid refuges, chair of a successful domestic violence forum, and also a coordinator for another domestic violence forum, I have managed a domestic violence perpetrator programme, and have spent over fourteen years delivering training around domestic violence and relationship difficulties, writing tailor made domestic violence and relationship difficulties programmes for a wide range of organisations or agencies.
    I am a qualified Psychotherapist and I own and operate a private therapy practice where we deliver specific services, packages, and programmes around domestic violence and also relationship difficulties.

    Specialist Areas of Work:
    Relationship Difficulties, Anger, Stress, Loss, Domestic Violence, Domestic Abuse, Elder Abuse, Safeguarding Children, Same Sex Relationship Difficulties, Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Trauma, Harassment, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Counselling for Police Officers (Relationship Difficulties, Coping with Traumatic Incidents, Bullying At Work, Stress, Anger).


    Masters Degree Relationship Therapy
    University Advanced Diploma Couples Counselling
    Person Centred Counselling Certificate
    Diploma Stress Management
    Diploma Anger Management
    Diploma Domestic Violence

    Specialist Experience & Training:
    Essex Police Certificate of Service
    Essex Police Sexual Offences Training
    Essex Police Family Liaison Training
    Essex Police Grievance Advisor Training
    Centrex Risk Assessment- Reducing The Risk Domestic Violence For Senior Managers
    West Yorkshire Police Domestic Violence Coordinators Course
    Domestic Abuse Trainers Certificate
    Diversity Trainers Certificate

    Facilitator Training:
    Ahimsa Perpetrator Programme Facilitator Training
    Cafcass Parenting Information Programme Facilitator Training
    Domestic Violence Facilitators Training
    Recovery Toolkit Facilitators Training
    Safeguarding Children Facilitators Training

    Additional Courses:
    Male Rape Happens
    Child Protection
    Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children
    Child Sexual Exploitation
    Domestic Violence: Assessing The Risk
    Domestic Violence: Assessing The Risk to Children & Young People
    Recovering from the Impacts of Domestic Violence (Injured Self-Esteem)
    Cancer Awareness
    Psychosexual Therapy Awareness
    Attachment Narrative Therapy