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    Tina Royles | Domestic Violence Expert | Media Contact

    Tina Royles is a domestic violence expert. She is both a national and international media contact for domestic violence and relationship challenges, commenting not only on the subject matter but on celebrity and high profile cases. Tina comments on domestic violence cases on bradio, television and in the press.

    For more information or requests for media contact please call 01244 760113 or email: tina@tinaroyles.com

    Here are some previous examples of stories that Tina has been asked to comment on by the Media

    BBC Radio 5 Live,  March 2014 – Domestic abuse policing changes needed ‘from the top’  Article and Interview Audio Clip

    The People’s Voice, December 2013 – Man cleared of Rape charge. The Richie Allen Show: Tina Royles Interview 

    LBC Radio, August 2013 – Do the authorities have the correct guidelines in place to handle domestic violence cases such as the death of Daniel Pelka?

    BBC5 Live, July 2013 – Nigella Lawson

    LBC Radio, July 2013 – Nigella Lawson

    Talk Radio Europe, Kenny Jones, April 2013 – The roots of domestic violence.

    Talk Radio Europe, Kenny Jones, April 2013 – How domestic violence affects children.

    Talk Radio Europe, Kenny Jones, March 2013 – TV advertising aimed at young people to highlight domestic violence issues.

    Talk Radio Europe, Kenny Jones, March 2013 – How Tina got involved in becoming one of the UK leading authorities on Domestic Violence and Relationship Issues.

    Talk Radio Europe, Kenny Jones, March 2013 – What does it take someone to leave a violent relationship?

    BBC Radio Stoke, February 2013 – Is arguing the secret to a long and happy marriage?

    Dubai Celebrity magazine ‘Ahlan’ – 20th March 2013 – Rhianna & Chis Brown

    Victims of Domestic Violence can be anyone - even Rihanna

    The Mirror – 10th October 2012 – Justin Lee Collins


    The Sun – 21st August 2012 – Natalie Allman


    Daily Mirror – 2nd April 2012 – Dennis Waterman


    Daily Record – 16th March 2012 – Suzanne Pilley Murder Trial