• Male Victims of Domestic Violence

    October 15, 2012

    Domestic Violence

    When increasingly Governments are pursuing policies, action plans, and targets focused on Violence Against Women & Children, it begs the question: What about Male Victims of Domestic Violence?

    In my twenty years experience of dealing with domestic violence victims and perpetrators I have deal with a high number of male victims of domestic violence.

    In the early nineties in my then role as a police officer the number of males coming forward to report incidents of domestic violence against them wasn’t great; it was clearly happening but there was a reluctance to admit it was happening to them, a mixture of feeling ashamed and embarrassed that it was happening, a vulnerability within their perception of their masculine identity, and a real fear of not being believed or taken seriously by professionals, family, friends and colleagues.

    I can clearly remember in particular asking one male victim who was standing in front of me with a cut to his head, covered in bruises, several bite marks, cigarette burns, and numerous scratches and gauges caused by finger nails, who had sustained years of violence and abuse on many levels why he was reluctant to make a complaint, he felt no one would believe him as he was bigger in build than his female partner. He had never experienced violence or abuse previous to that relationship, and he had remained within the relationship because ultimately he loved his partner and he thought things would change. Within this relationship he experienced not only physical elements of domestic violence, but emotional and psychological abuse too.

    Over the last ten years the number of male victims of domestic violence coming forward to report incidents of it, or through the involvement of agencies indicates that there is a high percentage of men who are suffering as victims of domestic violence; the latest statistics highlight one in six men in fact. The statistics will still not reflect the true picture of those affected, as it will be an issue that is still under reported as it is with female victims of domestic violence.

    I have always advocated for help and support for ALL those affected by domestic violence and a concern that I hold is that domestic violence is minimized within certain quarters of society as it is, without government and other key agencies adapting policies, funding and resources to fit under the banner of violence against women and children. It should be violence against women, men and children – as domestic violence should not be tolerated regardless of what gender the victim is.

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