• Is cutting paperwork really the key to preventing domestic violence?

    January 14, 2013

    Domestic Violence Advice

    Domestic-Violence-Trial -Cuts-Paperwork-Tina RoylesI am both appalled and disappointed to read this article that appeared in the Police Oracle recently. This states that a trial giving officers discretion of filling out risk assessment forms when attending incidents relating to Domestic Violence has helped to reduce the amount of paperwork produced. But since when did the need to cut down on paperwork become more important that people’s lives?

    What a massive step backwards this will be in dealing with domestic violence. It is only by ensuring that officers mandatory complete not only domestic violence incident forms but that they also mandatory complete risk forms that the service provided for victims of domestic violence have improved, appropriate action is recorded and individual officers actions can be monitored and accountability measures are put in place.

    As a former police officer with nine years spent as a specialist domestic violence police officer not only dealing with cases, but monitoring incidents, and reviewing other officers actions, I know only too well that not all officers deal with domestic violence incidents appropriately, and it is a significant number that I am talking about which warrants my concern.

    Such a move by any force is not only backward, and extremely detrimental, but it will only pave the way for more serious case or homicide reviews as a result of victims of domestic violence being let down by their police force, or their situation ending in serious incident or fatality without appropriate intervention being made.

    Tina Royles is a domestic violence expert, offering domestic violence counselling and training and helps to provide the materials and tools to manage relationship difficulties and domestic violence through awareness and education in order to enhance overall health and wellbeing. Contact Tina.

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