• Higher conviction rates for Domestic Violence

    October 15, 2012

    Domestic Violence

    The Director of Public Prosecution KeirStarmer’s commitment to ensuring that the conviction rates for domestic violence increases is encouraging for victims. The promise of commitment from the top that will enable appropriate training and resources to be implemented and continue in order to strive for best practice.

    In my previous role as a police domestic violence officer I built strong links with cps and these links made the different, I provided training for them and we worked together on looking at each case and how to progress through the criminal justice system, even when the victim was reluctant to progress.

    It is this kind of working together between key agencies that makes the difference in addressing and dealing with domestic violence.

    It is also the investment in domestic violence training for all staff, and the need to put sufficient and appropriate resources in place, to deal with the increase in numbers coming forward to report such incidents, which plays a vital part.

    Domestic violence in itself has never been an ‘offence’ per see, but the elements that constitute domestic violence are in their own right, for example a physical violence element of domestic violence may come under the criminal offence of Actual Bodily Harm (ABH), leaving abusive messages or following the victim may constitute the offence of Harassment or Stalking etc.

    What has been missing previously in some localities has been the inconsistent or absent monitoring to ensure that where there is evidence, that it is actually obtained, and that all action that could be taken is taken, so the accountability for agencies and individuals is paramount – not on a token or periodical basis when the issue of domestic violence is topical, or on the government agenda, but on a permanent basis, as domestic violence is an issue which sadly will always be with us.

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