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    The Government’s Forced Marriage Unit set up to tackle forced marriages has already helped at least 250 children – the youngest case involved a child of just two years old and in all cases 82% of those helped were female and 18% were male. This is very welcome news and a step in the right direction in combatting this very traumatic issue.

    If the authorities believe that there is a risk that children under 18 may become victims then the Forced Marriage Unit can intervene. Civil courts have the power to issue Forced Marriage Protection orders to prevent weddings from going ahead.

    The Forced Marriage Unit is a vital service and resource available for victims and others involved within a forced marriage situation, and it is important to raise awareness of the unit and the positive interventions it can make – which are significant.

    It is important for me to clarify the comments of the founder of Freedom Charity, who suggests domestic violence is a criminal offence – domestic violence is not itself a criminal offence, but that some of the acts that might constitute domestic violence such as actual bodily harm, or rape would be an offence in its own right.

    As a society we have come a long way with trying to address and tackle the complexities of both domestic violence and also forced marriage, and although significant inroads have been made, there is still a long, long way to go, but it is not particularly helpful or positive to suggest that “if the majority of forced marriages were white middle class children it would already been made a criminal offence” – lets not make this a racial issue – the fact that it happens is unacceptable and lets all try to work together in partnership to address and tackle it – and as for domestic violence it affects and can happen to anyone regardless of their ethnicity including the white middle class and as highlighted it is not a specific criminal offence.

    For more information on forced marriage and domestic violence advice, please contact me on 01244 760 113 or arrange a call back.

    All enquiries are dealt with the upmost confidentiality.


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