• ENOUGH IS ENOUGH this constant attack on the police has the potential to put more victims of domestic violence in danger.

    The police are undoubtedly a leading agency when it comes to dealing with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Whether this is because the police’s involvement has come from a victim making contact, a neighbour who may have heard an incident going on, or by a family member, friend or colleague expressing concern. Regardless of where the contact came from the police are still the main agency involved in dealing with domestic violence.

    Some victims of domestic violence just want the violence and abuse to stop, some want help, but not all want the police to intervene.

    When police do get involved the main focus is on the safety of the victim and of any children, and they will look to establishing what has occurred with a view to dealing with this, and looking to arrest the person responsible if a crime has been committed.

    Police are not always ‘liked’ for the action they take (or don’t take) because whatever their involvement or intervention might be, there will always be an impact on those involved.

    It is a very difficult job to carry out, often under very difficult circumstances, where everyone’s emotions are running extremely high, including sometimes the police officers. What they do however is for the majority of these cases deal with them  in an effective, appropriate and professional manner.

    Most police officers (the majority) joined the police to help people, and for the majority they do that day in and day out. Yes there may be some ‘Rotten Apples’ but that is often the minority, and there really is no place for these type of officers in the modern day police force.

    Sadly what has been happening over the last few months and in particular the last few weeks is that the media has latched onto a fairly regular and very negative smearing and public criticism of the police in general and how they deal with domestic violence, sadly this has been reinforced at every possible occasion by both the charities ‘Refuge and Women’s Aid’.

    This is really not helpful – and having worked in the field of domestic violence for over 20 plus years this constant criticism has the potential to cause more harm for victims of domestic violence. This criticism of the police has the potential to deter victims of domestic violence from reaching out to them to get help. Lets not forget that thousands of thousands of victims do get help from the police year in year out.

    Not all victims of domestic violence seek the help or services of a women’s refuge, and for some they never will, so lets not forget that Refuge and Women’s Aid don’t therefore speak for all victims of domestic violence.

    For the sake of all victims of domestic violence and potential victims STOP THE BLAME, CRITICISM & SCAREMONGERING and START TO WORK TOGETHER.

    If someone has a criticism of a police officer who hasn’t dealt with investigating an incident properly then go through the appropriate channels and lodge a complaint – but if this complaint or anger is spread across the social media airwaves or highlighted in an ‘open letter’ via the media think of the consequences of the bigger picture – how many potential victims will get hurt or will be in harms way because they don’t feel that they can approach the police, because the police won’t take them seriously, the police will fail them….because all this message does is confirm and reinforce the message that perpetrators of domestic violence hide behind to prevent a victim from getting help.

    I am happy to share my thoughts and insights from my extensive experience both professionally and personally regarding domestic violence via this website www.tinaroyles.com I am also happy to share my thoughts via media which I often do, I am also happy to work with professionals and agencies, but to reach more people I wrote my book ‘When the Apple of Your Eye is Rotten at the Core’ and if you visit amazon.co.uk you will be able to read a sample of this first few chapters click here 

    I have also sent copies of my book to every Chief Constable in the UK, as well as other senior key police officers, I have also sent this to all Police & Crime Commissioners, I have also sent it to the Home Secretary, the Shadow Home Secretary, the CEO’s of Refuge, Women’s Aid, VSS & Relate to help share information and my experiences in order to make a difference, and I am happy to share my insights with them around domestic violence – this is my commitment.

    Unless we all work together to address and combat domestic violence, focus of what our own part to play in this issue is to ensure we get it right, rather than constantly laying the blame at the police’s door then we are hindering not helping in a way forward for all victims.

    For information on domestic violence see www.tinaroyles.com   for counselling around domestic violence see www.selyortherapycentre.com


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