• Domestic Violence Stories In The Media

    How Domestic Violence stories can be played out in the media.

    Domestic Violence In The MediaLindsay Lohan’s mother has reported that she was the victim of a drug fuelled rape by her husband Michael Lohan back in 1990, and that this was just one incident in a string of domestic violence episodes.

    Dina Lohan has claimed that she suffered at the hands of her husband, but that this particular episode took place whilst they were estranged although the children were sleeping close by when the incident happened. The couple finally divorced in 2007.

    Michael Lohan has vehemently denied the claims stating that the sexual encounter was consensual.

    Dina Lohan has made these claims in a series of interviews with the New York Daily News and Entertainment Tonight.

    This is a clear example of how a domestic violence “Celebrity’ story can often be played out within the media.

    Dina Lohan has allegedly disclosed her experiences in order to highlight the impact and effects on her daughter; the actress Lindsay Lohan.

    What is an important message here are the possible effects and impact on any children within a domestic violence relationship, yes there are a significant number of children who witness or who themselves experience directly the violence and abuse; who may go on to be subsequent victims or in fact perpetrators of domestic violence, but it is also important and vital to point out that many children in this position do not go on to be a victim or perpetrator.

    What is key for anyone witnessing, experiencing, or in fact inflicting domestic violence and abuse is that they get help and intervention at the earliest opportunity. Working through the emotions, trauma, and behaviour helps many individuals and families to address and deal with these difficult and traumatic experiences.

    Tina Royles is a domestic violence expert, offering domestic violence counselling and training and helps to provide the materials and tools to manage relationship difficulties and domestic violence through awareness and education in order to enhance overall health and wellbeing. Contact Tina.

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