• Domestic violence or shooting an intruder? The curious case of Oscar Pistorius

    Oscar Pistorius In Murder Inquiry The media interest surrounding the shocking death of Reeva Steenkamp follows the revelation that she was shot by her boyfriend, Paralympian Oscar Pistorius.

    As Oscar Pitorious was arrested and charged with murder, many of his fans have been left in disbelief. It has been alleged that she was shot four times in Pistorius’s home.

    As the media frenzy gathers pace, there have been stories circulating that Pistorius allegedly sleeps with firearms next to his bed and mistook his girlfriend for an intruder even though he lives in a very secure complex. There are also stories that the police have been called to his home on several occasions due to domestic incidents although it hasn’t been confirmed who was involved.

    Further stories today claim that a bloodied cricket bat was found at his home and that it could have been used to attack Steenkamp before he shot her dead according to City Press in South Africa.

    If Pistorius shot what he thought was an intruder, this is a very sad and tragic case of mistaken identity, and a young woman has lost her life needlessly and Pistorius will have to live with the consequences for the rest of his life.

    However, if this is a case of domestic violence that has taken a tragic turn as can often happen, then this highlights the potential risk of being involved in an abusive relationship where difficulties are present. If this is a case of domestic violence then I hope that Pistorius’s fame does not overshadow this case and that it is seen as domestic violence rather than another celebrity story.

    I’m sure that over the next few weeks a clearer picture of events will unfold and that justice will prevail. A young life has been taken, and our thoughts are with Steenkamp’s family.

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