• Domestic Violence – Missed Calls For Help

    I have just read this article in the Guardian about victims of domestic violence repeatedly calling 999 for help yet with hardly any offences getting convictions.

    Read the article here:

    I don’t often get political, but where was Yvette Cooper with these ideas when her party was in power to address all the things she now highlights. All of these issues, which she raises and the continued failures of some organisations in key positions are the same as when Labour were in power.

    The majority of the systems put in place to address, tackle and combat domestic violence which don’t seem to be working as effectively as they should be were implemented whilst Labour were in power. The organisations which were able and ‘allowed’ to move into a position of a ‘Monopoly Power’ within the domestic violence arena therefore limiting and restricting transparency and a more balanced and holistic approach were under the period of her parties term.

    On the point of A National Board to look at Domestic Violence – this isn’t going to help with domestic violence unless for once there is accountability attached to that board, and that it is not just another board that offers guidance…and local authorities and other key organisations have the discrepancy to continue working in the same old way…there are several of those lead groups, committees and boards already.

    What would be novel and encouraging is for ALL of the political parties to put their differences to one side for once, and instead of mud slinging at every possible opportunity for each party to work together to implement appropriate policies, permanent funding and resources in order to address, tackle and combat an issue that affects and impacts on the majority of its population – NO ONE PARTY can make such a real difference with domestic violence on its own – just as NO ONE ORGANISATION can on its own either.

    For anyone who is seeking counselling for relationship difficulties or domestic violence and you reside in the Cheshire area, or borders of North Wales, Staffordshire or Manchester then why not take action today and call me on 01244 760 113  and arrange an initial appointment or you can arrange a call back

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