• Domestic violence information for those let down by the authorities

    January 1, 2013

    Domestic Violence Advice

    I recently read a story about a battered wife who called police seven times in six weeks before being shot by estranged husband – following this her son was found hanged while she was recovering in hospital.

    This is a very saddening and distressing case; which sadly is not an isolated one. Unfortunately this year many cases of domestic violence which have ended in a fatality and in criticism of the police have been highlighted…a number also by me on my websites: www.tinaroyles.com or www.selyortherapycentre.com.

    In this particular case the IPCC have upheld four complaints against Gwent Police who have been told to improve how they deal with domestic violence cases, this kind of advice sadly isn’t restricted to only Gwent Police, it is just their turn. These kind of incidents, the way they are dealt with and in turn mis-managed can happen to any force.

    Yes Forces react when the IPCC get involved, and some are more pro active than re active but the sad reality is, that we cannot stop the first incident of domestic violence from occurring but it is the repeat incidents where individuals are known to agencies that we can all improve on our services and the delivery of those services.

    Only recently i have had a client come to me through my private therapy practice for work around domestic violence, where the police; specifically the domestic violence unit officers have suggested it is my clients word against the perpetrators and have advised there is nothing further they can do; appalled at this disclosure, i have advised my client on what police officers should and could do, and to go back armed with this information and positive stance, and subsequently the police have taken statements, obtained the further evidence which was available at the time, and the perpetrator has been convicted for several years.

    Often it is not that police forces don’t have the tools to deal with domestic violence but that in a majority of cases it is left to individual officers discretion as to whether to progress with the cases or not.

    One thing to be clear on is that it is not down to police officers to decide whether a case continues or not but it is down to the crown prosecution service to ensure that the police have obtained all the relevant and necessary information and evidence in order for the CPS to make a decision to progress with a case.

    Tina Royles is a domestic violence expert, offering domestic violence counselling and training and helps to provide the materials and tools to manage relationship difficulties and domestic violence through awareness and education in order to enhance overall health and wellbeing. Contact Tina.

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