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    Domestic violence goes on all over the world but I was recently shocked by a news article about the situation in Russia.

    Thousands of women die every year as a result of domestic violence in Russia. However, it appears that very little is being done to address this massive issue.

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    Despite discussion and debates for almost 20 years, it’s still not classed as a crime as it is here in the UK and there aren’t any national statistics to highlight the true figure of how many women and men suffer.  Estimates suggest that 600,000 women in Russia are facing domestic violence every year and that 14,000 die from injury caused by their partner – that works out at forty women being killed a day which is very alarming.

    What victims of domestic violence regardless of their location geographically need to know is who can help them and what resources are available to them.

    With only one state funded refuge in place in Moscow for a population of 12 million, and the manager suggesting capacity is not an issue, suggests that victims of domestic violence are not aware that help is out there, and if they do know then they perhaps don’t feel safe and secure enough to seek that help.

    What would be difficult for a victim would be to have help only temporarily just for two months – yes it might help straight away in the immediate crisis period, but what happens then? Where would the victims go after that two months has elapsed – would they be homeless or would they be forced to return back to live with the perpetrator, where the violence and abuse would continue and increase? Would having tried it once and not getting continued support mean that the victims would not seek help again in the future?

    One woman losing her life through domestic violence is appalling enough – 40 women losing their lives every day is unthinkable – whatever systems in place, if any, are clearly failing those affected by domestic violence.

    Thankfully here in the UK there is a great deal of support and help for anyone who is a victim of domestic violence.

    So if you or someone you know may be experiencing domestic violence or abuse please do not hesitate to contact me confidentially and I will only be to glad to help and offer my advice.

    You can contact me on 01244 760 113 or arrange a call back



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