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    Domestic Violence referrals are on the rise in Halton, Widnes in Cheshire according to a recent article (see link below)

    As I have mentioned previously a rise in the number of referrals can be attributed to a campaign raising awareness, or due to high profile or celebrity cases in the media as it often encourages other victims to come forward and report or seek help, advice and support for their own experience or someone they know who is experiencing domestic violence.

    Although aggravating factors; a rise can also be attributed to:

    Events or certain times of the year when people might find themselves in a position where they are perhaps spending more time together such as holidays or festive or other celebration type events.

    Times of the year where perhaps more alcohol is consumed can for some increase the potential for more incidents such as the summer months, bank holidays or again festive or other celebration type events

    The economical climate also brings with it financial stressor and strains which again has an impact.

    What is important though is that all involved who are experiencing domestic violence get the appropriate help, support and advice, so a referral to such agencies will mean that such assistance should be forthcoming.

    Tina Royles is:

    1. Director and Psychotherapist of a private therapy centre specialising in domestic violence, and also relationship difficulties
    2. Author of “When the Apple of Your Eye is Rotten at the Core”
    3. Former Police Officer of 16 years, with several years specialising as a Domestic Violence Officer
    4. Former Trustee & Director of Women’s Refuges, Chair & Coordinator of Domestic Violence Partnership Forums, Manager of Voluntary Perpetrator Programme, & CEO of Domestic Violence Organisation

    For Domestic Violence Counselling please visit www.selyortherapycentre.com

    For Media Requests please email Tina at tina@tinaroyles.com

    To see the article on the rise of referrals in Cheshire click on the following link:

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