• Domestic violence funding cuts – Affecting domestic violence counselling and other services

    Domestic violence is reported to the police every minute of the day in the UK. In addition, two women are killed every week by a current or former partner. These statistics are alarming. Domestic violence counselling, help, refuge and advice is essential to many man, women and children across the UK.

    Unfortunately, there just isn’t the support to cater for all of these people, with up to 300 women every day seeking help yet being turned away due to lack of space at the service they have approached.

    Women’s Aid has told Channel 4 News that one in five of its services is facing severe funding difficulties and have had to close many services available to vulnerable people including children.

    When any cuts are on the cards it unfortunately appears to be that Domestic Violence services, or anything related to domestic violence appears to bear the brunt of cut backs or terminated funding.

    Having worked for a period of time within a local authority arena where my focus and remit was on domestic violence, I am fully aware of where the issues and subject of domestic violence comes in the order of council focus and priority, and it is fair to say it appears to come fairly low on most council/local authority radar, unless it is a topical subject at the time, or a councillor, or a Member of Parliament is asked to comment on it.

    This article refers to many cuts to refuges, and speaks to a former resident of a refuge who happens to be the mother of this years X Factor runner up. As a former trustee of one Women’s Aid refuge, and a director of another I know only too well of the devastating affects and implications cuts at the refuge can make.

    For me one case I remember in particular being involved with was one of a victim turning to a refuge and being told there was no beds which resulted in her staying in her home, her ex partner turning up at her premises, forcing his way in, and stabbing her to death, whilst her children watched.

    Any cuts to domestic violence services can have devastating effects, but in particular where we are talking about cuts to refuges; which are a safe haven and life safer to many of the residents will have severe if not fatal results.

    Tina Royles is a domestic violence expert, offering domestic violence counselling and training and helps to provide the materials and tools to manage relationship difficulties and domestic violence through awareness and education in order to enhance overall health and wellbeing. Contact Tina.


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