• Domestic Violence – Are Rape Victims In Any Way To Blame?

    Victims of Rape are not responsible for the perpetrators behaviour and neither should we ever blame them for such.

    What such perpetrators do however is prey on the more ‘perceived’ vulnerable, and for some an intake of alcohol might make them more vulnerable.

    Domestic Violence Expert Tina RoylesAnother way to describe it, is when as children and adults we are encouraged by our parents or the police to not walk alone along dark alleyways – its not because necessarily the alleyways are unsafe, but it a more likely place where perpetrators of hideous crimes wait in the wings to prey on their victims. We should be able to walk along an alleyway, but the fact that it would more likely put us at risk if we ventured down such alleyways may mean that one day we are more likely to encounter a stranger that brings with them danger.

    However that said we need to address this perception that victims of rape or domestic violence for that matter ‘ask’ for it. What a sad society we lived in still with that prehistoric attitude, but it does come down to our beliefs, our values and the messages that are not only passed down by our families, but also by historical messages and societal messages.

    My own personal opinion is that no victim of rape or domestic violence ‘asks’ for it, or are to ‘blame’, and the area we all need to focus on is why any perpetrator of rape or domestic violence, or any other crime feels or believes that they have the right or power to abuse another.

    Also Ministers need to be clear on their messages – not long ago we had a minister saying ban Page 3 models in The Sun newspaper, intimating that Page 3 Models and Nudity encouraged Domestic violence and sexual assaults, and now they appear to be saying that victims of rape are ‘asking’ for it too. Really!! As opposed to something novel like lets look at why perpetrators feel that they CAN abuse another individual, and lets look at a more realistic deterrent that rather than work for a perpetrator actually work in favour of a victim of crime!”

    Tina Royles is a domestic violence expert. For anyone who is seeking counselling for relationship difficulties, rape or domestic violence and you reside in the Cheshire area, or borders of North Wales, Staffordshire or Manchester then why not take action today and call us on 01244 760113 or 01829 660113 and arrange an initial appointment.

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