• Domestic abuse within same sex relationships

    Recently there was a case in the US surrounding Mr Salathiel Laroy Dale, 26, who was charged with domestic violence in connection with his boyfriend, 33 year old Duane Bailey. It is believed that he stabbed his boyfriend inflicting wounds which he later died from.

    The exact circumstances that lead to this death are still unclear, but it seems that physical altercations weren’t uncommon between the two men. Reports have emerged that Bailey was abusing his boyfriend Dale and that he had tried to leave him on several occasions, only to go back. Dale was six inches shorter than Bailey and much less strong. The abuse had been going on for several years.

    This case highlights the fatal consequences that are often involved where domestic violence is present within a relationship.

    It also shows based on the ‘alleged’ information how potentially ‘alleged’ victims can react after years of being on the receiving end of sustained violence and abuse.

    This case also brings to the forefront the fact that domestic violence is still a ‘hidden issue’ within the LGBT community, and yet one in four from the LGBT community are victims of domestic violence.

    In addition to the difficulties involved with reporting domestic violence within the heterosexual community, there is the additional complexities around fear of authority, fear of being outed to friends, family, colleagues and society at large, and the fear of homophobia.

    Like many cases of domestic violence though, people that spent time whether directly or indirectly with the couple were aware of the violence and abuse between the two. There were many attempts to leave the relationship, and occasions where having left Dale returned back to the relationship with Bailey.

    Sadly within the LGBT community a main focal point of the support network is your partner.

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