• Dennis Waterman comments on Domestic Violence

    April 2, 2012

    Domestic Violence Advice

    Dennis Waterman’s (Former Minder Star and currently starring in New Tricks) has apparently disclosed whilst being interview for a forthcoming Piers Morgan Life Stories scheduled for ou screens in April, that he hit his then wife Rula Lenska.

    It will be interesting to see what response during the interview Piers Morgan gave, and whether he challenged the behaviour.

    The alleged comments which have been leaked to the press appear to have Waterman declaring that “he felt utterly ashamed”, and yet comments such as “She certainly wasn’t a beaten wife, she was hit and that’s different.” have fuelled an outcry from the Charity Refuge; with CEO Sandra Horley speaking out about his behaviour.

    Domestic Violence and Abuse is rarely a one off incident, and is more often than not filled with complexities, there may be common themes aparent and yet each case or experience can be quite unique. Through awareness raising, tailored Domestic Violence and Abuse Programmes such as our own at Selyor Therapy Centre, and through Counselling from individuals or centre’s specialising in Domestic Violence and Abuse again a service we provide at Selyor Therapy Centre mean that we can work with individuals to reduce repeat incidents.

    It is an issue which at large is socially unacceptable to most of us, however there are still people out there that trivialise, minimise or excuse their behaviour and also indicate that their partner/ex partner is some way responsible. For those individuals I think its time to wake up and smell the coffee…you are in control of your own actions and not of others, and you are responsible for your own behaviour. 

    One thing is certain we must as a society continue to address the complexities of Domestic Violence and Abuse and ensure we do not to condone such actions.

    Check out the following link to read an article about Dennis Waterman comments :


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