• Anti Domestic Violence Campaigners target Chris Brown – Are they helping to address domestic violence?

    September 18, 2012

    Domestic Violence Advice

    Campaigners are apparently going into retailer HMV and placing stickers on the singers CD’s which read “Warning. Do not buy this album! This man beats women.”

    My question is what message are the campaigners sending out to perpetrators of domestic violence…that we will harass you and make your future difficult, that we are willing to step outside the rules to do this….is this message not a little hypocritical!

    Violence against anyone regardless of their gender is something to be addressed and not tolerated but we should not be advocating this behaviour. The criminal justice system is there to deal with domestic violence; we should not take action as vigilantes.

    This behaviour whilst it keeps the subject matter i.e. domestic violence in the news and topical, it will perhaps deter perpetrators of domestic violence in coming forward and embarking on or engaging in a domestic violence perpetrators programme and in turn perhaps changing their behaviour so the violence stops.

    What message also does this behaviour send out to the victims of domestic violence, are victims likely to want to come forward particularly if they are someone in the public eye if this is the resulting behaviour. When I heard a few weeks ago about the comments that were being branded around about Rhianna’s interview with Oprah Winfrey; stating she was wrong to admit to still loving Chris Brown….I thought why should we be saying this is wrong…yes victims of domestic violence do have feelings for the perpetrators, that’s what keeps them in a relationship, that’s what makes it difficult to leave and stay out of the relationship, if people think victims of domestic violence should not care or love the perpetrator, then those people have absolutely NO real idea of what domestic violence is, or the complexities that it involves…and sadly it is these people who have a voice and often shout the loudest.

    If we are telling victims that they should hide their feelings and should not feel the way they do, are we again not pushing victims back, in the direction of not wanting to come forward and get help for fear of being judged by the agencies out there to support…are we not just reciprocating the authoritarian and dictatorial stance, exerting our power and control just like some perpetrators do.

    We should if we are truly passionate, about addressing domestic violence in a positive way to make a real lasting difference, be providing information, providing services, providing support for ALL those involved whether a victim, perpetrator or child in a way, that aids change, not be judgmental, and enforce our opinions on others, suggesting that our way is the only way….

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