• Andrea Johnson Murder Norfolk DV Report to follow inquest- Domestic Violence Expert Tina Royles

    The murder of Andrea Johnson in December, shocked the community in Norfolk where she lived, not only that she had been murdered, but also that she had been killed after being shot by her husband; a local councillor. 

    This was yet another tragic incident that highlights the risk involved when a partner infers they are going to leave the other. It has been alleged that a history of domestic violence might be revealed when a report released by the domestic violence homicide review is published after they review the case once the inquest into the death of Andrea Johnson shot by her husband Keith in Norfolk in December has concluded.

    Our immediate thoughts at the time were for the family and friends of the victim, and now it is time to look at whether something could have been done to intervene in or prevent this tragedy from happening.

    Reports can be helpful in some respects as they provide an opportunity for organisations and agencies to review their actions (or lack of them in some cases) and to explore ways of improving and enhancing these services.

    In this particular case there will be questions as to what was known about any history of violence or abuse? Was the history known to agencies, and if the couple were known what information was shared with other key agencies. What is the background to Andrea being granted a license to own a shotgun, and what follow up enquiries where carried out periodically around this. 

    Very often in most cases of domestic violence where a homicide review or an Independent Police Complaints Commission Investigation is carried out, it highlights consistently a lack of sharing of information between agencies, and also a failing in procedures and policies of such agencies. 

    We cannot stop every incident of domestic violence from happening, that is a sad reality of our society but lets hope that if there was something that somebody could have done – that they did all that they could, and that another life was not lost through negligence, because this will compound the loss and devastation already felt by the family and friends.

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